A standing indicates the placement of something within a container.

link GraphQL Schema definition

  • type Standing {
  • id: ID
  • # The containing entity that contextualizes this standing. Event standings, for
  • # example, represent an entrant's standing in the entire event vs. Set standings
  • # which is an entrant's standing in only a single set within an event.
  • container: StandingContainer
  • # If the entity this standing is assigned to can be resolved into an entrant, this
  • # will provide the entrant.
  • entrant: Entrant
  • isFinal: Boolean
  • # Metadata that goes along with this standing. Can take on different forms based
  • # on standing group type and settings.
  • metadata: JSON
  • placement: Int
  • # The player(s) tied to this standing's entity
  • player: Player
  • standing: Int @deprecated( reason: "The "placement" field is identical and will eventually replace "standing"" )
  • stats: StandingStats
  • totalPoints: Float
  • }