Get Event

In this example, we will query the Smash Ultimate Singles event at Genesis 9. An Event ID is necessary if you want to get information specific to a tournament event. To do so, we make use of a string of characters called slug, easily obtainable from the URL of the tournament event page in

Go to the tournament page and select the event:


Now that you selected it, you can find the slug inside the URL of the page:


A slug is made of two parts, the tournament name and the event name. The format is this: tournament/<tournament_name>/event/<event_name>. In this case, the slug we're going to use is tournament/genesis-9-1/event/ultimate-singles.

Now that we have the slug, we can use it as a variable in the following query:


  • Request
  • Response
query getEventId($slug: String) {
event(slug: $slug) {
"slug": "tournament/genesis-9-1/event/ultimate-singles"

If you go in the Response tab, you will find two useful pieces of information under event:

  • id is the Event ID of the tournament event
  • name is the name of the tournament event

Now that you have the Event ID, you can use it for many more queries. For example you can search for Event Standings or Event Entrants.

Don't forget to explore schema, and test queries, in the API Explorer!