If you're already familiar with our terminology, then you can skip this for now. If this is your first time working with our data, then we recommend giving this a quick read and revisiting it later.

Terms referring to people

  • User: A unique user account
  • Player: A player object, not necessarily linked to a User
  • Participant (AKA "Attendee"): A player’s representation in a tournament. This is for everyone that has registered or been added to a tournament (Spectators and competitors)
  • Entrant: When a User registers for an Event we create an Entrant. The Entrant is the Participants representation in the Event. An Entrant is either a Team or Player in an Event.

Terms referring to parts of competition

  • League (AKA "Circuit"): A collection of Events which may have a leaderboard and a finale. Typically takes place over a longer time period (weeks-months) and may contain Sub-Leagues (which are also Leagues)
  • Tournament: Contains one or more Events and typically takes place over 1-3 days
  • Event: A competition containing one or more phases
  • Phase: A collection of one or more phase groups
  • Phase Group (AKA "Pool"): A collection of one or more sets
  • Set (AKA "Match"): A collection of one or more games
  • Game: A game is the atom of competition. It has entrants who place 1st, 2nd, etc.

Terms referring to placement

  • Seed: A Seed is a attached to an Entrant or a Progression. A Seed is the Entrant's initial position in a Phase and Phase Group
  • Standing: An entrant's current or final placement within a Phase Group (e.g. "first place in Pool A1") or within an Event (e.g. "first place in Melee Singles")

Terms referring to game data

  • Videogame: The Videogame played in an Event (e.g. "Splatoon 2")
  • Character: If applicable, Characters may be reported for a Game. Characters are what each Entrant was playing as in that Game (e.g. "Guile" in Street Fighter V)
  • Stage (AKA "Map", "Level"): If applicable, a Stage may be reported for a Game. It is the in-Videogame location where that Game was played (e.g. "Final Destination" in Super Smash Bros. Melee)