Brawlhalla Matchups (Initial Release)

December 23, 2018

Brawlhalla Matchups is an open source Discord bot to find results for matchups between your favorite

Brawlhalla players!

The Creator

Henry "Mother Russia" Guerra is a Brawlhalla community member who created this Discord bot as a resource for the community to learn more about its players' histories against each other. When I asked him if he had anything he wanted to say to the community, he simply said he would like to thank the community for being supportive of the project.

Add it to your Server

The readme file on the GitHub repo explains how to quickly add the bot to a Discord server you own, using Discord oAuth.

Use it on your Server

To use the matchups bot, just type in the command with a couple of players you're interested in! In the below example, I looked at the top 8 bracket for the Brawlhalla Autumn Championships NA, where Isidroo 2-0'd Boomie in the losers semifinals match.

I wondered if this was a common result for their matches together, so I hopped into my Discord server and used the Brawlhalla Matchups bot to see if they've played each other before. I learned that they have crossed paths three times, and in one of those Boomie actually 3-0'd Isidroo. It seems too early to draw any conclusions about their head-to-head matchup, so we'll have to see what happens the next few times they square off!

the gif example

To Contribute

Henry welcomes conributions to the project via the

GitHub repo! He can be reached via Discord (Mother Russia#3907) or by email at ``.